Time Out

Mind rushing, thoughts processing, heart rate racing, irrational thoughts slowing rising, bursting emotions happening. Sometimes our minds are just TOO busy, it happens to all of us. When this happens sometimes it can feel there is no escape, there is no ‘time out.’

10 things I attend to do just to have ‘time out’ on those not so quiet days/weeks just to feel numb for a second, to escape for a minute or to purely focus on me for a slight moment:

1. Read a book (no1 every time)

2. Write a blog (even if there is nothing positive to write about)

3. Listen to music (sad or happy but music YOU enjoy)

4. Eat food (comforting as most of us know)

5. Take a shower or bath (use your favourite shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, self indulge)

6. Take a walk (not always my first choice if I am 100% honest BUT it never fails to help a down day)

7. Have a nap (always a good one)

8. Colouring (so many books you can get now for de-stressing give it a go)

9. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while (someone who will make you smile)

10. Work (sometimes work seems like the last place we would like to be BUT it can be a great mind distraction and ‘time out’)

Human Masks

Most of us have the capability to put on a mask to hide the behind scene, sometimes we praise ourselves for this, however, should we not be wanting to share our real selves? I don’t necessarily mean share our stories, share our experiences, share our life’s with people we are not associated or who we simply don’t want to BUT I do mean share our emotions, share our day to day feelings whether that means happy, sad, excited, angry, proud or loving. Mental health has increased so much over the previous years and I believe mine partially happened due to having my pretence mask on and the pressure the mask had behind it.

Why don’t you try even just for 24 hours to show your real emotions, to show your real face, no mask, no over layer of emotions and just purely be you. You are an amazing beautiful human even if you aren’t happy every moment, let’s release the pressure of mental health and try and be open with one another. It is ok to not be ok and it is ok to be more than ok. You be YOU.

No Negativity Allowed

Why would you accept people in your life that fill the space with a negative vibe? You deserve positivity. I think it is too often now that we sit and complain about certain people’s actions in our life but don’t change them, don’t adjust them and too easily allow them again and again even when we don’t necessarily agree with them. How many of us have accepted a person who ‘mood hoovers’ each time we see them, somebody who takes our time for granted, somebody who doesn’t understand the concept of a ‘two way’ friendship and somebody who fails to be there when times are tough. MANY of us, let’s stop, let’s put us first.

You don’t deserve anyone in your life that doesn’t better you as a person and doesn’t bring a smile to your face when around. Time and life is too precious, spend it with your favourite people. X

10 Simple Things To Remember And Follow

10 things I have learnt to follow on my journey to finding self love (trust me, still working through it) but these are 10 things that are simple and important;

  1. Do not overthink
  2. Focus on one thing at a time (if possible)
  3. Write down your feelings or thoughts (diary, blog, journal)
  4. Speak to people you trust about anything and everything
  5. Listen to music, belting (singing) in the car always a winner
  6. Take naps whenever and wherever you like
  7. Restrict time on social media
  8. Have a bath (use sleepy shower gel, absolute gem)
  9. Read a book (bodyposipanda currently)
  10. BE YOU (the most important one)


My view on a relationship (friend or partner)

Should we be waiting hours for a reply? (Should we be bothered we haven’t received a reply?) Should we be checking activity? (Should facebook, snapchat, Instagram allow activity to be shown?) Should we be feeling jealous if they aren’t out with us, if they aren’t on the phone to us? (Should we be feeling insecure in the friend/partner in the first place?)

I think we should give ourselves a little credit though girls (majority of the time,) society makes ‘stalking’ the most accessible thing, no girl can deny the enjoyment or habit. But, let’s think, is it healthy? Is it how we should be spending our seconds/minutes or hours of the day?

A relationship MUST always be a two way deal, each person should want to talk, each person should want to know about what’s going on with the other and each person should be willing to make that time for the other. If any of these are lacking you need to ask yourself, is this my friend/partner, or is this person a ‘time filler?’

After, think, Is this someone who I want to share my life stories with, who I want to spend moments I won’t get back with? Think about it, if you have to ask somebody to make effort for you, if you have to doubt your worth to somebody, if you have to be the person who gets in contact first, who organises drinks each time, are they even worth the time of day?

Don’t allow yourself to feel unwanted, don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position, if somebody makes you feel this way, then say ‘au revoir’ and crack on with your day being the star you are. X

(I would just like to say I haven’t forgot about the blog, I haven’t ‘given up’ on the blog, just sometimes life comes in the way, daily activities take place on the priority list but ultimately this blog I feel keeps me sane and I hope it helps others reading it so it is not something I intend to be finishing any time soon.)

Life is too short (quote)

‘Life is too short to be worrying about things that you can’t change, things/people that don’t want to change. Either adapt to whoever/whatever it is or move on forward and carry on living your amazing wonderful life. Don’t waste a second, appreciate each second.’