My view on a relationship (friend or partner)

Should we be waiting hours for a reply? (Should we be bothered we haven’t received a reply?) Should we be checking activity? (Should facebook, snapchat, Instagram allow activity to be shown?) Should we be feeling jealous if they aren’t out with us, if they aren’t on the phone to us? (Should we be feeling insecure in the friend/partner in the first place?)

I think we should give ourselves a little credit though girls (majority of the time,) society makes ‘stalking’ the most accessible thing, no girl can deny the enjoyment or habit. But, let’s think, is it healthy? Is it how we should be spending our seconds/minutes or hours of the day?

A relationship MUST always be a two way deal, each person should want to talk, each person should want to know about what’s going on with the other and each person should be willing to make that time for the other. If any of these are lacking you need to ask yourself, is this my friend/partner, or is this person a ‘time filler?’

After, think, Is this someone who I want to share my life stories with, who I want to spend moments I won’t get back with? Think about it, if you have to ask somebody to make effort for you, if you have to doubt your worth to somebody, if you have to be the person who gets in contact first, who organises drinks each time, are they even worth the time of day?

Don’t allow yourself to feel unwanted, don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position, if somebody makes you feel this way, then say ‘au revoir’ and crack on with your day being the star you are. X

(I would just like to say I haven’t forgot about the blog, I haven’t ‘given up’ on the blog, just sometimes life comes in the way, daily activities take place on the priority list but ultimately this blog I feel keeps me sane and I hope it helps others reading it so it is not something I intend to be finishing any time soon.)


It does not matter if someone agrees or doesn’t with you, accepts or doesn’t accept your choices/opinion. If you know it is best for you and you believe it is right then go forward and make that decision for YOU (Anyone worthy of your time/energy will support the choice you make.)

Ultimately, you do YOU (my go to quote this year,) remember it’s what matters the most.

Life is too short (quote)

‘Life is too short to be worrying about things that you can’t change, things/people that don’t want to change. Either adapt to whoever/whatever it is or move on forward and carry on living your amazing wonderful life. Don’t waste a second, appreciate each second.’


‘Never feel sorry for the way you feel. You are allowed to feel any emotion at any time over any reason.’

I live by this quote as I feel people compare their problems with others, don’t do this. Allow yourself to feel any emotion over any problem, no matter how small or how big it may seem.


Devil (societies best friend) on our shoulders; ‘you can’t eat that much in front of people,’ ‘I should only order a dessert if others order one,’ ‘should I go for the healthier option just so I don’t get THE look of others.’ Let me tell you something, this is NOT ok, this is NOT normal and you do NOT deserve it. (Let’s encourage the little angel on our shoulders instead of the devil)

We were not born to eat the same as each other just as much as we were not born to be the same, would be boring right? We weren’t born to be told what we could eat and what we couldn’t, it’s our choice. Who are we to judge each other? It does not matter if you are bigger than others, or smaller than others, does this mean our appetites should all be the same? NO. Does this mean you should feel judged? NO. Does it mean you should be told when to eat and when not to? NO.

Society sure as hell doesn’t show different sizes, just the one ‘perfect’ shape to make people feel they are not good enough. (Granted, this is getting a little better) You don’t have to be ‘big’ to have insecurities, within the society we live in, each individual has insecurities, each person is made to feel ‘imperfect.’ Don’t let the devil win, let the angel come out and fight. People eat at different times, eat different portions and this is ok, but no one should feel judgement. Let’s not forget, they are our bodies! Ultimately, if you want to loose weight, go for it, if you want to gain wait, do it, but do it for YOU and not any f***** else.

I personally would love to loose a couple of stone but thanks to bodyposipanda book (you have to read, it is amazing!) I will be loosing it with a better attitude (when I get round to it) I will do it when I want, how I want and with no guilty conscience over my shoulder in the mean time. Just remember, you have the choice on anything in your life, you can loose, you can gain, you can eat salad, you can eat doughnuts, all you need to remember is that it is upto YOU and don’t let anyone else tell you different. We’ve got this. X

Quote Of Today

Putting yourself first is not selfish, you come first, you prioritise over everyone else because ultimately you only have yourself to back each step of the way.

Since being a young age I have struggled with the concept of putting me before others without feeling I was being selfish, I now have learnt that sometimes it is ok to put myself before others, it does not mean you are selfish, it means you have a certain amount of self love which we all need. Go ahead and look after YOU.


Do not allow yourself to be treated any less than you deserve, people in your life are all choices, if they make you feel a tiny bit less important than you are then wave and say ‘bye.’ Remember your worth and importance.

A quote you need to read and remember.