10 Simple Things To Remember And Follow

10 things I have learnt to follow on my journey to finding self love (trust me, still working through it) but these are 10 things that are simple and important;

  1. Do not overthink
  2. Focus on one thing at a time (if possible)
  3. Write down your feelings or thoughts (diary, blog, journal)
  4. Speak to people you trust about anything and everything
  5. Listen to music, belting (singing) in the car always a winner
  6. Take naps whenever and wherever you like
  7. Restrict time on social media
  8. Have a bath (use sleepy shower gel, absolute gem)
  9. Read a book (bodyposipanda currently)
  10. BE YOU (the most important one)

24 Hours (Live Blog)

One decision, one label, one word =

Anxiety levels rising, questions bubbling, desire to be busy building, eating levels gaining, happiness fluctuating.

Questions repeating; ‘am I ok?,’ ‘is my anxiety coming back?,’ ‘should I be keeping busy tonight?,’ ‘am I spending enough time thinking about me?,’ ‘will this pass over?’

24 hours, one chat and all of these feelings arising, they may be minor but why are they coming? Why are they popping up? I don’t want your company, I don’t want your hassle and I certainly don’t need your anxiety ‘bug.’

Sometimes it’s easier to make a decisions, experience unwanted emotions and to run away as fast as you can from all of it. Don’t do this, don’t do this IF that’s not what you want to do. Don’t let the unwanted feelings win, make them feel unwanted, push them to the side, make them disappear, question them back. You have to be strong, you have to believe in yourself and the decisions you make. Stand by yourself as ultimately you only have YOU. F*** anxiety and all the little surrounding bubbles around it.

Anxiety’s Reminder

Isn’t it funny how you can suffer from anxiety once and from then on it’s inside you? I have noticed since my episode how whatever situation arises I ask myself ‘will this trigger my anxiety?’ or ‘what if it causes a panic attack, is it worth it?.’ In fact I haven’t had a panic attack for over a year but those questions will always pop up as a reminder and float around. Maybe it is my mind protecting me, however, it also feels like my mind is attempting to stop me from future decisions. DO NOT allow this, past is past, present is now, live for now, believe in yourself and your ability of shutting out anxiety, you have done it once before you can do it now, I promise. DO NOT make decisions based on anxiety, of course always have yourself and your best interests at the top of the priority list but never not live due to the ‘monster’ which may or may not arise. Your life is far too important, you are far too precious and each second of your day’s are far too special. F*** anxiety and all the little/big ‘monsters’ that come along with anxiety and do YOU.

Sometimes We Just Don’t Want To

Sometimes we just don’t want to leave the house for the day, sometimes we just don’t want to attend the plan we have arranged for the day, sometimes we just don’t want to get out of our pyjamas, put makeup on, brush our teeth, have a shower and sometimes we just don’t want to talk- this is ok, I promise you. This does not mean you are not ok, this does not mean you are a bad person for potentially cancelling the odd plan and it certainly does not mean that the next day will be the same as the present day.

I think it is important to remember it is ok to have a quiet day, it is ok to feel how your body is feeling that day rather than fighting it. You do not need to explain yourself to anybody or yourself, you do not need to justify yourself or look for excuses, sometimes we just aren’t feeling up to something and that is ok.

Try and not overthink how your body is feeling, if you suffer from anxiety don’t allow the monster to open the gate and come out, maybe you are just tired, maybe you are due your period (ladies) or maybe the heat is effecting you, all of these are possible and none of them are permanent. Be acceptive of the day you are having, go with the flow and most importantly listen to your body.


Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.

This isn’t a quote I have come up with myself, although, I did buy myself a wall ornament with this quote on as when I saw it in the shop it made me smile. You don’t need to rely on others to buy you things, remember you can buy something for yourself if it makes you happy. Remember, you do YOU.

Pure Positivity

I am lucky to have such pure people around me, people who are encouraging, people who are strong and tackle challenges with a sass about them. We are all lucky to live in a world with many people who are also amazing human’s, people who have felt the same way we may have some days, people who were born just to be beautiful and caring. Just sit back a second and think about how lucky we are to get the chance to meet these people, to love these people. Ask yourself, how life would be without them? Not only people close to you, right down to the people who have opened a door for you, the people who have smiled walking past you, the people who have helped you up when you have fallen. Let’s appreciate them, love them and cherish them and the moments they bring. Life isn’t always beautiful but it ALWAYS has the potential to be. Make every day you live better than the last one.


Stop and think;

stop and think before writing down the next words on your text, stop and think before posting the next picture on Instagram, stop and think about taking the next step forward to wherever your final destination is and stop and think about the next song you want to play, the next friend you want to see, the next day at work and how you want your day to be. Always stop and think before doing anything, think about it, even just for a second, make sure you are happy and are content with the following action your about to take.

This is something I still am training myself as I have a very impulsive mind for anything such as having ‘no filter’ with words, money or emotions. Ultimately, you do you, if you f*** up, move forward, keep going but just try for one second before deciding anything to THINK.

P.s changes don’t happen over night, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up for having to learn new things all the time about ourselves, it’s part of the journey. We’ve got this, you’ve got this.