Blurred vision, irregular breathing, sweating, trembling feet, shaking fingers, dry mouth, eyes seeing lights as claws (I know, sounds crazy right) but it was happening and I knew I needed to control it. Accepting what was happening was the key to it disappearing, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth is the key to calming. During a panic it is hard to think rationally, I mean, seeing claws was hardly realistic? I knew this, we all know this but it doesn’t stop the images we see, it doesn’t stop the way we are feeling at that present moment, all we can do is flow with it, learn through it, experience it and tell yourself, everything will be ok, your mind is just currently being nasty.

If you are like me and no longer are in an ‘episode’ of anxiety but sometimes creeps up during certain situations then please listen;

You do not have to put yourself through any situation that does that to you, you do not have to put yourself around anyone that does that to you. YOU have total control, that’s the great part, use it and choose what is kind to you and your body.

It is important to say ‘well done you’ for trying to cross the barrier of anxiety in some situation but let’s face it, it is a f***** sometimes and it is ok to accept that. Each time you get through a panic, every time you get through a day of anxiety you have achieved, you have done yourself proud SO be proud. (I’m bloody proud of me and I’m confident to say so.)

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