Mums aren’t just ‘mums’ though, are they?

They are (you are) –

  • A friend that you/I can turn to when times are dark.
  • An adviser you/I can ask questions to when you/I are unsure.
  • A ‘sunshine’ to make you/I smile when it seems impossible on your/my own.
  • A ‘cloud’ when you/I need putting in place and reminding of what’s right and wrong.
  • They give you/I the squishes whenever you/I need them.
  • They are the best secret keepers.
  • They are someone you/I can be your 100% self with.
  • They are your/my BeyoncĂ© when you/I need someone to sing and dance with.
  • They are someone who stands with you/I every step of the way, through all chapters.

Mums are amazing and absolute troopers.

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