Anxiety’s Reminder

Isn’t it funny how you can suffer from anxiety once and from then on it’s inside you? I have noticed since my episode how whatever situation arises I ask myself ‘will this trigger my anxiety?’ or ‘what if it causes a panic attack, is it worth it?.’ In fact I haven’t had a panic attack for over a year but those questions will always pop up as a reminder and float around. Maybe it is my mind protecting me, however, it also feels like my mind is attempting to stop me from future decisions. DO NOT allow this, past is past, present is now, live for now, believe in yourself and your ability of shutting out anxiety, you have done it once before you can do it now, I promise. DO NOT make decisions based on anxiety, of course always have yourself and your best interests at the top of the priority list but never not live due to the ‘monster’ which may or may not arise. Your life is far too important, you are far too precious and each second of your day’s are far too special. F*** anxiety and all the little/big ‘monsters’ that come along with anxiety and do YOU.

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