Stop and think;

stop and think before writing down the next words on your text, stop and think before posting the next picture on Instagram, stop and think about taking the next step forward to wherever your final destination is and stop and think about the next song you want to play, the next friend you want to see, the next day at work and how you want your day to be. Always stop and think before doing anything, think about it, even just for a second, make sure you are happy and are content with the following action your about to take.

This is something I still am training myself as I have a very impulsive mind for anything such as having ‘no filter’ with words, money or emotions. Ultimately, you do you, if you f*** up, move forward, keep going but just try for one second before deciding anything to THINK.

P.s changes don’t happen over night, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up for having to learn new things all the time about ourselves, it’s part of the journey. We’ve got this, you’ve got this.

3 thoughts on “Stop

  1. eccentriccmind says:

    I fully agree with your post. It’s so important to think about how your decisions affect others and if what you’re about to do will benefit you positively. But sometimes thinking too much about these things can cause you to not do anything! Sometimes impulsivity can be a good thing.

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