Devil (societies best friend) on our shoulders; ‘you can’t eat that much in front of people,’ ‘I should only order a dessert if others order one,’ ‘should I go for the healthier option just so I don’t get THE look of others.’ Let me tell you something, this is NOT ok, this is NOT normal and you do NOT deserve it. (Let’s encourage the little angel on our shoulders instead of the devil)

We were not born to eat the same as each other just as much as we were not born to be the same, would be boring right? We weren’t born to be told what we could eat and what we couldn’t, it’s our choice. Who are we to judge each other? It does not matter if you are bigger than others, or smaller than others, does this mean our appetites should all be the same? NO. Does this mean you should feel judged? NO. Does it mean you should be told when to eat and when not to? NO.

Society sure as hell doesn’t show different sizes, just the one ‘perfect’ shape to make people feel they are not good enough. (Granted, this is getting a little better) You don’t have to be ‘big’ to have insecurities, within the society we live in, each individual has insecurities, each person is made to feel ‘imperfect.’ Don’t let the devil win, let the angel come out and fight. People eat at different times, eat different portions and this is ok, but no one should feel judgement. Let’s not forget, they are our bodies! Ultimately, if you want to loose weight, go for it, if you want to gain wait, do it, but do it for YOU and not any f***** else.

I personally would love to loose a couple of stone but thanks to bodyposipanda book (you have to read, it is amazing!) I will be loosing it with a better attitude (when I get round to it) I will do it when I want, how I want and with no guilty conscience over my shoulder in the mean time. Just remember, you have the choice on anything in your life, you can loose, you can gain, you can eat salad, you can eat doughnuts, all you need to remember is that it is upto YOU and don’t let anyone else tell you different. We’ve got this. X

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