‘F*** It.’

Anyone who knows me will know I have a rather big tendency to use the ‘fuck it’ attitude for choices I make. Maybe this is seen as wrong in people’s eyes but maybe it is seen right in others (including mine 85% of the time.) I am known for doing ‘as I please,’ sometimes not taking advice, this is a trait either people love about me or people dislike about me (I like it again 85% of the time) Although, isn’t this how we are taught to be? I haven’t always been this way, my decisions use to be based solemnly on other’s opinions rather than my own. Since then I have realised we aren’t brought into life to follow others, we haven’t been taught to ask others every time a decision comes our way, we must do what’s best for us. Our parents/grandparents shape us into the people we are from a young age (thankyou mine for making me who I am) but then there comes a time to go solo, to use experiences and knowledge you have been given to start your own chapter of doing things how you want to.

My f*** it attitude is when I may have made a mistake, I may have text an ex, I may have spent too much money, I may have drank too much, we all do it right? It is part of growing, it is part of your experience . Life is too short, don’t get caught up on little things, don’t sit in a ‘guilt puddle’ for too long. The least you can take away from anything is that YOU made the choice, YOU chose to do it and now YOU can choose how to move on from it. Life is truly beautiful and it is one thing YOU have full control of, how yours goes. F*** it and keep going, keep doing you.

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