Fairytale Illusion

Black screen tempting me in, blue light flashing, urges to unlock and explore. ‘Don’t do it,’ going around in my head but self discipline lacking.

Exploring turning into investigating, fingers tapping, self discipline no where to be seen only unrevealed messages tapping in and out of my thoughts.

Back turned against me, silence filling the space, frustration in one and sadness in another, not knowing how to speak, what to say or how to feel.

Guilty of my actions but not necessarily sorry, knowing it was wrong but finding out I was right, wanting to apologise but wanting to fight, emotions swivelling around, although, no words to be said.

Wanting to rewind, starting to doubt self improvement, wanting to undo actions, remain to having a pleasant time, remain being in a bubble, however, knowing the bubble is popped and we are on the outside of it instead.

Bodies trying to sleep but neither sleeping, turning back and forth but no words spoken, silence still filling the air. Regret starting to build as the night is starting to end.

Ultimately, think before you do anything, think it is correct, think if it is necessary and mostly think if it’s going to make you happier, if not don’t do it, move on.

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