If you are anything like me you may have the tendency to decide you want to do something, however, need to ask a few people to get clarification on the decision. You are pretty certain it won’t change the answer but you feel the need to hear just one person agree with you and justify your decision. I can honestly say this is me in MANY situations. I am sure this is down to lack of self trust, impulse or self confidence and it gets me every time (I want to learn to stop this, do you?) I am going to try and change the perception I have and hopefully you can too. Lets start by asking ourselves. Why are we asking others? why are we asking for clarification? are there opinions anymore valid than our own? do they know what is best for us and we don’t? Are we wanting to be told what’s accepted as acceptable or not? Are we just wanting support that possibly we can’t give ourselves?

For now I am going to leave those questions and come back with another blog once I have figured the answers out, however, for now, do what YOU want to do, do what YOU think is best for you and don’t depend on others for YOUR own happiness, rely on yourself and own your own adventure.

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