It’s hard to be positive when all you feel is cracked, It’s hard to see a future when all you see is past. How are you meant to feel ok when all you feel is sad? Life isn’t easy, life can be hard, it will almost always throw challenges left right and centre BUT if you remain strong you can get through each one and come out brighter on the other side. It is ok for us to feel broken sometimes, to feel misplaced in situations, we are allowed to have an ‘off time.’ Please don’t ever define yourself on one label, a mother, a father, a friend, a sister, you are many more things not only to yourself but to people around you. Each and every one of us have a life with more chapters waiting for us, it is important to understand you can get stuck in ‘mud’ for a while, however, you have to stick your wellies on and reach back out of the ‘mud’ and into the place you deserve. Giving up isn’t an option, past isn’t an option only present and future, make it count, look forward, work with what you have, don’t dwell on what you could of had and ultimately remember we deserve to be happy, hang on in there and see what life has to bring.

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