The Three Day Challenge (Connectivity)

Negatives; Has someone text me? Does someone need to get in touch with me? Has work tried to contact me? How’s my friends doing travelling? Will I have many notifications on Monday? Throughout the days these thoughts triggered at least 10 times a day. On the third day the urge to connect was ‘sad,’ but felt needed, just before midnight I gave in on the challenge and connected after feeling a constant reminder throughout the day. Throughout the day before connecting, questions swivelled round such as; Who is in charge my phone or me? what is it I am connected to? What or who is it I am inpatient for? Do I feel I am missing out? Do I feel I need to be in contact with people? Do I need to be reachable?

Positives; Having no connectivity allowed me to experience a better day each day whilst away, I woke up each morning interested in the days weather, I woke up wanting to achieve my goal to finish my book, I woke up thinking about the day ahead and how we should spend it. When my father took me to places I had never visited, beaches I had never seen, I took in the view, I appreciated the view and I enjoyed the view, not my phone, not instagram, I did.

I will now remain to use my phone with a different mindset, I will now message when I can rather than when I feel I have to, I will post when I want to, rather than when I feel I need to, I will unlock my phone when I feel I want to rather than when I feel I have to. Let’s control our phones rather than our phones controlling us, let’s live our moments rather than our phones living them for us, let’s chat to one another instead of communicating over posted pictures and let’s switch off once in a while and take a break when we decide to.

P.s – I’ll be back tomorrow, back to my daily blogging, challenge officially over, yay. Give it a go if you fancy, see how you do, let me know.

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