No existence of time, no vibration for notifications, no distractions of what other people are doing, no pressure to respond, connectivity can be damaging, addictive and can be time consuming. I hope through my challenge I’ll achieve total bliss and rest. Many of us can easily spend 3+ hours on our phones per day, crazy right? I can scroll from twitter, Instagram, snapchat and back to twitter without noticing the minutes passing by. I can check my phone more than 100 times a day, for a text, phone call or a notification. I feel we miss out on moments, miss out on conversations and miss out on time we can never get back.

I have decided to challenge myself for three days to not touch my phone, to turn it off, to have a break. Seems crazy that this is perceived as a challenge for me and probably many other people, I believe connectivity has become a habit rather than a wanted pleasure. If you agree with me, challenge yourself too, let’s change it, instead of our phones taking charge of us, lets take charge of them, unlock them when WE want to and lock them when WE want to.

So for now I’m off to relax, to walk on beaches, to read my book, to switch off and to spend some quality time with my father. See you back here on Monday (wish me luck.) x

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