My Safe Space

After suffering with anxiety last year I quickly realised I needed a ‘safe space.’ When I say ‘safe space’ I mean somewhere to express true emotions whether that’s alone or with somebody,’ where you can choose everything surrounding the space and in the space such as music (Ben Howard every time) and it’s where you can close the door and switch off from the chaos outside. I strongly believe each and every one of us should have a ‘safe space’ to breath. This doesn’t necessarily mean each person needs a house or even a bedroom, maybe a study, maybe a book hideaway but somewhere to fill with ornaments, books, makeup, jewellery, whatever makes YOU happy. Everyday we have daily challenges, daily tasks and by having a ‘safe space’ it may improve those difficult days we all have. I can finally say after moving ever 3-4 years my bedroom has become a safe space for me, full of my books, my beauty products, my chosen bedding, my chosen wallpaper and my chosen pictures (oh and of course my chosen fan.) By having this room I feel I can escape on hard days, I can allow myself a rest, a break from the business of the outside world. WE all deserve this, we all deserve an escape from the challenges we face, a place where it is all about ourselves and full of things that can make us happy. Put your mental health first, before anything else.

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