22:12pm – 07/07/2019

‘What shall I write about?’ The question I’ve asked myself for the last hour. Answer being ‘it’s not really meant to be a diary.’ The little self care angel on my shoulder saying ‘You need to vent so vent.’

Head spinning, marathon sprinting, heavy eyelids, clouds of thoughts, weighed down, distracted, un-energized, un-motivated and a storm of worry inside my head all at once. Not able to relax, irritable, desiring affection, missing my closest pals, numbing emotions. Sleepy but not tired, little voices in my head reminding me I have got this, challenges happen for a reason, work with it, write about it, share it.

I will wake up tomorrow morning, I will allow that this weekend was not an ok one and I will accept that this is ok. I will allow myself to feel how I feel in the morning and I will say my mums famous phrase ‘everything is and everything will be fine.’ Start every day with a new chapter, don’t ever allow yourself to be told by someone that you aren’t allowed to feel a certain way, that you aren’t allowed to have a down day or that you aren’t allowed to worry. You are allowed, you are allowed to forget other’s peoples problems and focus on you and your problems around you first every once in a while.

One bad day doesn’t mean several, one challenge doesn’t mean several are coming, carry on being the amazing person you are and carry on being the strong f***** you are. (The last bit is for you mum but now hurry up home, the house is getting messy.)

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