Bay 4

Emotions flying high, nurses and doctors coming in and out, machines beeping, tea time bells ringing and beds moving. Family members, friends, acquaintances bringing chocolates, flowers, magazines or sandwiches. Tension rising, nerves feeling heavy and worries overflowing whilst eyelids closing. When walking into bay 4 an overwhelming feeling of sadness came over me like a stormy cloud (I am sure we have experienced this at some point in our life’s,) however, when I flipped this thought over I realised one positive I can see all around me is LOVE. Not the ordinary love you get taught when growing up, not the love you see on the streets, a unique love. When thinking of this, it changed the view in this bay as something special, something in a bizarre way I was happy to be apart of, each person may feel alone inside but no one is today in this ward, each person is surrounded with love. Ultimately the message I got from today is to treasure every second of life with each person involved in it, find out who you are and who you want in it and live it, own it and fulfil it.

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