A&E (Live Blog 4/7/19)

Muggy, humid temperature, sweat drops surrounding my forehead, babies crying, children sleeping, phones ringing, people talking/shouting and fingers tapping. People walking in and people walking out, smiles over faces or tears strolling down there cheeks. 64 different people in one room anticipating who’s name will be called next and 64 different people running out of patience wanting to be seen. NHS staff running around as what I can only describe as ‘headless chickens’ and trying to provide the best service with a smile still painted on, a polite persona when greeting patients and managing to hide the fact they may be on there last minutes of a 13 hour hellish shift. Never take granted the people you have around you and never think that the time you have with somebody is forever, perceive every moment as a precious one. Just remember the NHS are here for us, they provide a free service and each staff member works to provide support for all 64 different people sat in A&E today and sat in here every other day, respect it and the people in it.

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