Sit Back

Do you ever sit back and take a second to be proud of what you have achieved? I don’t think we do, I don’t think we allow ourselves to be proud. Crazy isn’t it? crazy how much we critique ourselves, why? stop. ‘I did my degree but I didn’t get a first,’ I woke up today and made it through this difficult day but so did other people?,’ or ‘I went travelling around the world but I went with a friend not alone, so it isn’t the same’ or ‘I lost a pound this week in weight, but my friend lost 4 so what’s the big deal?’ ‘I moved half way across the world but I’ve done it before.’ We need to stop, we need to sit back and take in what WE have done ourselves, not what others have done around us, everyone’s challenges are different. Be proud of everything you achieve whether it is big or small, be proud of the person you are or are becoming. Life isn’t easy, sit back every once in a while and realise what amazing things you have achieved and what an amazing human being you are, be proud. I am certainly learning to become proud of who I am and it feels f****** great.

2 thoughts on “Sit Back

  1. Marie Wilson says:

    Jj thank you for your blogs.
    It’s as if you’re writing what’s in my mind.
    I’m good at “do as I say not as I do” yet you are able put it in words that ring true and make so much sense.
    Thank you x

    Liked by 1 person

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