Live Blog

Sun shining, people out, beers in hands, music on and smiles all round, well, that is what people see, not necessarily the case. Are people watching me? Are people talking about me? Should I pack up and go home?. These thoughts are running through my mind whilst typing and drinking alone. Eyes on me, sun shining, breeze blowing and a drink in hand to make the eyes on me feel less judgemental, crazy right?. Funny how these people have no involvement in my life, however, right now, are taking 99.9% of my mind up. How do I stop these thoughts? how do I not give a fuck? Yes I am alone, yes the majority of people around me are In groups and yes it may be deemed as ‘un-normal’ BUT should I care? do they care? am I gaining anything by worrying? NO. So, I am going to post this blog, go to the bar, buy myself a pornstar martini and continue to listen to music, enjoy the breeze on my skin and the sun on my hair and not give a fuck about all of you and enjoy ME. Tara x

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