Busy Busy Busy

Have you met your deadline? Are you still meeting me later? We still going away next weekend? You free for a catch up tomorrow? You ok to cook dinner tonight? You at work this week? Sometimes it can feel impossible to breath, right?

Next pressure; why haven’t you replied? Haven’t heard from you in ages? Can you fit me in every once in a while? Can you fit me in your busy calendar at one point?

DON’T let the pressure in, don’t let yourself get weighed down. You don’t owe anyone your time or presence, you wasn’t brought in this world to please others. How you schedule a dinner date with a friend, schedule yourself in, do something for you, make yourself on top of the priority list and make yourself as important as the others you fit in. Remember and take pleasure in knowing everything you do is your choice, life is what YOU make it.

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