Anxiety And The Question Why

Why do you have pin and needles all over your body? Why do you feel anxious? Why are you extra sensitive today? Why can’t you make this phone call? Why can’t you walk into this restaurant? Why have you changed?Why do you feel your life is going to end any second now? These questions are like asking ‘why does cheese taste like cheese?’ they don’t have answers, these questions don’t have a purpose and ultimately aren’t helpful. Anxiety isn’t a path people choose, it is a path chosen for them. Don’t let anybody make you believe what you feel at the moment isn’t real, to you it is and that’s all that matters, YOU. If we/they could answer a single one of those questions the likelihood is they wouldn’t have anxiety at all. You don’t have to understand it, you don’t have to justify it but to help somebody or yourself you need to believe your or the persons fears and empathise for those seconds/minutes that anxiety rises. Don’t let anxiety beat you, don’t let yourself be controlled by fear, change the anxiety, don’t let the anxiety change you. (Beat the fucker)

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