Tears strolling, no appetite, mind stopped dead with only one person taking it up, lack of sleep, physical aching pain, felt this? It so you’ve broken up with someone, shit right? But don’t do it, don’t go backwards, don’t text your ex, don’t search social media trying to find information that is going to have no positive effect to your mind. Don’t download tinder to go on the rebound or to check for him, don’t become someone who you aren’t just to fill the void you are feeling. Keep your head up; remind yourself why you aren’t together anymore. Your mind does this trick after a break up where it will only remind you of all the good times you had rather than a single bad moment. You need to have self trust and believe in yourself and believe that the decision made is the correct one. Breaking up with somebody, whether it was because you didn’t have a connection, argued 24/7 or wasn’t treated right, it doesn’t matter, you broke up because you put YOU first. No one is ever prepared for the aftermath, wanting to text him 24/7, wanting to spend just one night with him for one more kiss and ‘spoon’ or wanting to rewind every second back. Change this and be the girl who is strong, be the girl who doesn’t fall into the trap. Protect yourself, move on, start growing, you deserve love and happiness, get it girl.

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