The Perception Of Being Single

Being single seems to be looked down on, frowned upon for women, why exactly? I use to fear being single, feeling alone or having to answer those two annoyingly common questions ‘are you single, how come?.’ My answer currently would be ‘I want a break from being let down, from being lied to, from being in the wrong place on the priority list, I want myself to be on my own mind for a change, I am TIRED.’ Being single doesn’t mean being ‘alone,’ being single doesn’t mean you always will be, it just means one chapter didn’t work and you are willing to wait for a better next chapter. You are allowed to be single, you are allowed to enjoy being single. Stop wasting time on people who don’t deserve the limited time you have, don’t settle for less than you deserve. YOU deserve the best kind of love, YOU deserve consistency throughout and YOU deserve respect, unless you get this, move on and own being YOU.

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