I can honestly say I have a handful of the most beautiful friends and I am grateful for each one of them being part of my life, supporting me through this journey. You get to choose people you want to become friends with and become part of your life. Use this decision and only allow people who bring you happiness and positivity. Everyone’s definition of friends is different and that is ok, but remember true friends will support you through all chapters of your life, KEEP them. I previously have been called the equivalent of a girlfriend, the needy one or the ‘too’ truthful one, not everyone has the same role in a friendship but ultimately if they want you in there life they’ll keep you. (Thanks girls for having me, you know who you are) Be who YOU are, be who YOU want to be and treat people how YOU perceive to be right. Don’t spend time thinking about people who don’t like you, spend time thinking about all the people that love you.

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