Don’t Compare

Do you ever look at another girl and think less of yourself? Or do you ever look at another girl and feel you aren’t good enough? I do and it is not ok. I feel there is such stigma between some girls to the point we won’t make contact with one another because they may be ‘prettier’ or ‘slimmer.’ We shouldn’t be intimated, we should talk to eachother and stick together. Every person is different from the size clothes they wear down to their shoe size. Being bigger or thinner, being less tanned or more pale or being taller or shorter than somebody else doesn’t define you or make you any less attractive. If you OWN who you are and feel confident within yourself then the comparing others will lessen naturally. (This is what I am hoping anyway.) You are exactly who you are and just learn to LOVE it or CHANGE it. Ultimately the choice is yours but just remember no matter what that you are an absolute diamond in your own way.

P.s I have started my first food diary today for an 8 week challenge, I’ve decided to change my body and have the end goal to love it. I am going to go for it, only the 10000th time but this time I’ll smash it. I’ll keep you posted.

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