Size 4, 8, 14, 20, it doesn’t matter, everyone has there own insecurities. How many people look in the mirror and are unhappy? How many people purposely don’t look in the mirror because they are unhappy?. A huge part of me becoming to have more self love is loosing weight BUT f*** me, it’s the most challenging! The weight we are is because of the choices we make, ultimately I know if I want to loose weight I need to make that choice for me, not to fit in, not to be part of society’s expectations BUT for me. Part of loosing weight of course includes going to the gym, does anyone else think of the gym and feel exhausted before even entering? (I 100% do every-time) Or does anyone else feel that you have 10 pairs of eyes staring at you?. If you do then have the attitude of F*** them, own being sweaty, own being at the gym and trying to better yourself. Get to the point where you don’t need another man telling you that your body is amazing, get to the point you can tell yourself! Remember, sweat is fat crying, make the fat CRY. xo

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