Are you a person who has been in a job ‘forever’ and has ‘no motivation.’ If so, ask yourself ‘why don’t I change it?.’ No job is permanent, every job is disposable. You always have the choice to move on, to change job or to aim higher in the role. It’s your choice, take the risk and make it worth it. I have heard people say ‘I am too old to study’ or ‘I am too comfortable.’ Again, ask yourself ‘why are you too old?’ Age is just a number. Comfortable can be comforting yes but are you happy?. After watching someone close to me take a huge leap of faith in work, it’s inspired me. Take risks, go outside your comfort zone and don’t take a minute of any day doing something that doesn’t make you happy, CHANGE it. Everything you do from the moment you wake up till you sleep is your choice, don’t waste time, you do YOU and own it.

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