Take Control

Don’t let the past break you, break the past. Don’t let one thing or more that’s happened in the past destroy the future. Don’t let what doesn’t deserve your time to take ALL of your time. Do what you have to do to move on. Don’t block it, don’t bottle it and don’t dismiss it, I promise you it will come back to bite you in the a** one day. Whatever happened take control of it, let yourself decide if it will take another minute of your day, let yourself decide if it is worth taking space inside your mind and let yourself decide whether it is worth holding on to. Accept it, accept it is part of you, accept it is part of your life but DON’T let it live there, don’t let it live in the front of your mind, take it to the back, to the ‘archive’ if you like. It is important to remember you have control of yourself, you can work with yourself to tackle anything you wish. Be positive and look at each day, month or year as a new chapter for you to become who you want to be. (In my case currently it is to become in love with myself before any other f***** interrupts.)

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