Night-time routine (anxiety spray, music, lip balm, herbal roll, fan and a hot drink each night)

Keeping busy (colouring, reading, walking, singing, working, tidying or writing)

Talk, let it out (to family, friends, counsellor, doctor, nurse, bloggers or websites such as mind)

Anxiety isn’t one thing, one symptom, one version and it doesn’t go away with one mechanism. My face use to experience pin and needles, my mouth would be so dry I felt I couldn’t swallow, my mind made me believe I wasn’t going to make it till the next morning and my body became numb, no emotion. It can make you change from someone who can stand in a crowd of a 100 people to struggling with 1 person in a room, it can change you from having the confidence to drive anywhere to not being able to put yourself behind a steering wheel. Everyone has a different ‘version’ of anxiety and everyone is equally as important. I personally describe my ‘episode’ last year as a stranger taking over me and replacing me with someone I didn’t know and didn’t know how to handle. It is important to remember it will pass, to use people around you, to look at each morning as a new start. If you are reading this and are experiencing anxiety try any of the above, they all helped me.

Don’t let the anxiety break you, let YOU break IT.

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