It Is Ok To Have A Low Day

Sometimes people almost punish themselves for having a day where maybe they aren’t feeling 100% themselves, maybe they are feeling more lazy than the day before or maybe they aren’t in the mood to do anything that day, this is ok! I was one of these people that felt bad and at one point these days were the only ones I had. I think it is important to let your body feel the way it is feeling and people around you that love you WILL support you and make the next day better. Instead of beating yourself up for just make yourself a goal to have a better day the next day. On low days make the most out of it, slumber and watch netflix, read or turn your phone off to the world, dance like Beyoncé in your room/house or nap (I often do this.) No matter what decision YOU make it’s ok because thats what YOU have chosen you want or need. Don’t punish yourself, go with it, let your body feel it and hope for a better day tomorrow.

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