Doing Things Alone

What will people think? Is it normal? How will I look sat on my own? Those thoughts are thoughts which use to stop me. Recently somebody asked me ‘would you go to a cafe alone?’ The old me would have said ‘no’ but now my response was ‘why wouldn’t I?.’ I love going for coffees, I was brought up doing this in free afternoons with my father. I have started to realise it doesn’t matter what people think, they may judge, they may talk but it’ll be a second thought and then they’ll go on with there day and so will you. Ultimately the message is YOU get to choose what you want to do, you get to decide how you fill your day up and you can take ownership of this and feel proud of it. I am starting to enjoy my own company and this is something I’ve forever struggled with, one chapter I’ll be truly happy to complete.

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