Self trust/seeking approval

I find myself telling friends, work colleagues, family members parts of my life that maybe I don’t want to share and maybe they aren’t too bothered about hearing but I feel I need to seek approval, for years I didn’t realise I did this. Needing to know if I’m correct, if I’m allowed or if it’s ‘normal.’ A lot of it leads down to not having self trust. Slowly I am starting to learn (with the inspiration of a friend ) that in the end I only have myself, I can only truly rely on myself. I am me and if choices I make fuck up I deal with it as the same if choices I make work out I have myself to thank. It’s quite liberating making decisions completely on my own, I’ve always had trouble doing this even down to the smallest things such as ‘should I go to my mates tonight or should I eat this for tea.’ The message I need and am starting to learn is it’s MY life, you have to trust YOU and ultimately have your OWN back the whole way through no matter how little the decisions are. X

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