Living up to expectations

I’m sure I’m not the only one but damn it’s draining right? I use to find myself doing things just to ‘fit’ in, just to do what is expected of me being young. I use to say no to certain plans just because it was a Friday or Saturday, wouldn’t spend those nights with family as I felt that wasn’t what was ‘normal.’ I would have thoughts such as ‘shouldn’t I be with mates,’ ‘what if someone sees me hanging around with my parents’ and ‘is this what I am meant to be doing on a Friday/saturday night.’ These thoughts meant loosing out on time and doing plans I wanted to do, instead I did what I thought was expected of me. It was hard to overcome this and maybe hard for others to understand. Since making decisions on the basis of what I want to do rather than what I thought was expected, I don’t spend any time wishing I wasn’t there, I don’t miss out on time with people I love and I am 100% there in whatever I am doing because I CHOOSE to do it. Basically, no.1 tip for anyone who makes choices to fit into expectations, you have to do whatever the fuck you want, you want to sit in pjs on a weekend evening and watch Netflix, DO IT. You want to go out and have a shot (or maybe several), DO IT. You want to spend an evening with your parents, DO IT. Whatever you choose to do, do it because YOU want to not for any other reason! I’ve learnt this and learnt it’s just a tiny part of starting to love myself.

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