Fake Friends

I feel really strong about this. I can’t be the only one who’s had ‘friends’ that float in and out of your life and call themselves your friend or even best-friend. But actually, probably only ring when they’ve got no plans, when they’ve recently broken up with the boyfriend or when they want the gossip because they’ve seen something on social media, not actually because they CARE or because they want to spend time with YOU. Just to fill a gap in there day/week. I use to allow this because I had a really big stigma of needing lots of friends and not only a few because again that wasn’t ‘normal’ in society (in my head anyway.) Something I’ve learnt and will forever stick by is not being a GAP in someone’s day, a SECOND choice to someone and I certainly am not going to spend my energy and time on people who don’t deserve it when I have true friends who deserve every second.


2 thoughts on “Fake Friends

  1. Mallow says:

    Same sentiment. One thing I don’t get, when I “clean house” asking ppl to remove me off their friends list. They make a fuss over it. Yet, they don’t make any effort with me in the first place!.


    • jessicasversion says:

      I have had that situation happen many times to me, when you decide to actually tell someone that they aren’t your friend anymore they are offended, strange seems as they probably haven’t spoke to you for three months or even asked ‘how’re you.’ I totally agree with you

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