Personally for me there is no stigma around counselling, although, I know this isn’t the same for everyone. Counselling has helped shape me in to the person I am today and am becoming to be quite proud of. (What a brilliant feeling to say this.) ‘Its embarrassing,’ ‘its for people who have given up,’ it’s for people with bigger issues than I’ve got.’ Honestly, whoever has had a conversation about counselling would have heard one of those above, right? I’m not saying its easy but I am saying in the end it is ALWAYS worth it and will ALWAYS help even in the smallest of ways. I have been to six/seven counsellors (genuinely lost count) to help with previous memories, anxiety, depression and general day to day stress. I previously have looked down at counselling, however, now look at counselling as the opposite, if you accept you need help and support then you are half way there, it doesn’t matter how you get to feeling ok as long as you figure it out in the end. Again, ultimately it is about YOU and whatever works best for YOU is what you should do. P.S no problem/worry is too small, anything that is bothering YOU is worth/ sorting or talking about.

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