I never realised until recently how much hold up I had over age and how it’s affected decisions I’ve made. I suppose I could say this is similar to living up to expectations (previous blog.) I have no idea if I am the only one but I can truthfully say I have had thoughts such as ‘should i enjoy reading at 23, is that ‘cool,’ ‘should I enjoy nights in more than nights out sometimes’ and ‘should I be further in life than I am now.’ Social media plays a huge role in the pressure I have felt previously, comparing myself to others. When I saw other people my age buying a house, finishing a degree or travelling I use to question my own life and choices, whether they were good enough. I attended University for six months to then realise It wasn’t for me, it was so I felt I was progressing forward, to please others (I thought). I’ve recently learned everyone’s life’s are working at different paces and have different chapters, this doesn’t mean they are any better than you or you are any better than them. I’ve realised I am not here to impress others or just by having a degree does that make me a better person. Never compare yourself, they aren’t you, you are YOU. People are in this world for different reasons.

7 thoughts on “Age

  1. GratitudeGames says:

    You sound like me when I was younger! I hope you realise that your passions and interests are what make you unique. I’m a complete and utter bookworm… I keep track of the books I read on a highlights section of Insta and I know that it’s “not cool” to do this but honestly IDGAF! My life, my choices, my happiness at stake… my way!

    It’s interesting how anxiety is the biggest curse, but you’ll see as you learn to love yourself, that its actually a bit of a blessing in disguise. You’ll become more confident in yourself, you’ll care less about what others think – don’t get me wrong, I still fall into the rabbit hole of caring about what other people think, but I’ve reached a stage in life where I think along the lines of “I am who I am, take me or leave me” and that is one of the most refreshing things about overcoming anxiety!

    Really loving your blog! Thanks for following mine too; I hope you might find something there from by Toolbox Top Up post that could be of benefit! xx

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    • jessicasversion says:

      Again, thankyou. Everything your saying is so lovely to read, literally anxiety in some sense has done me good because it’s given me that motivation to look after myself and put me first! I think it’s cool that you have learnt to not give a f***!! Exactly what I am in the process of doing, fingers crossed ✨

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    • jessicasversion says:

      Exactly, I just love reading other people’s blogs but they aren’t there to judge. I’m new at blogging but at the moment I feel like it is a free space with no judging or comparing just a place to say what you feel.

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      • Mallow says:

        What I mean is views, stats, comments etc. It can really drag you down. That is the number one reason why so many stop blogging. They let their stats get to them. I do understand that, it’s hard. As a long term blogger (this is my 4th blog xDD). I’ve been through the same notion as most. My advice is keep blogging and have fun doing it. Don’t let numbers get you down. People will find you naturally, or by you engaging with others on their blogs.


      • jessicasversion says:

        It’s really true that, I am going to listen to your advice and not look on the numbers and just imagine I’m writing for myself and for me and then it doesn’t matter what followers I have, I hope people read and enjoy or feel inspired but if not I know it is helping me 🙂

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