The Start Of An Unknown Journey

Some people may see this as attention seeking, some people may see it as self indulgence if you are one of those people just click the cross button and tara.  Last year was the the most challenging year for me, anxiety hit hard, which was strange as before I didn’t know much about it. I went from not minding being in a room with 100’s of people to not being able to be in a room with 1 person unless it was my mum or dad. I am still working through things and I am hoping the blog will help vent my thoughts. I would personally say I am at the last part of the chapter but possibly becoming the hardest. Learning to LOVE myself (not only when I’m drunk and thinking I’m Beyoncé) and to share some of the TIME I spend on others with myself. This is going to be a blog of this journey, I’ve not done this before and I can’t promise it’s something I won’t delete in 2 days (as people are aware I have a habit of this) but let’s see how it goes. (picture is from me in Australia feeling nothing but pure happiness)

6 thoughts on “The Start Of An Unknown Journey

  1. Mallow says:

    As gratitudegames said, don’t delete. And don’t give up on blogging. It may take awhile to get things started, keep posting and if you can, engage with other bloggers. If you have a twitter, that can help as well


  2. beetleypete says:

    I started blogging seven years ago, and never looked back. I remember when only my family and friends looked at my blog, and almost nobody ever commented. Now I am part of a great community, and have made real friends, as well as managing to clear a huge amount of stuff out of my head!
    Just keep going, and you won’t regret it, I’m sure.
    And thanks for following my blog along the way. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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